How can entrepreneurs avoid comparing success via social media? Especially, with social media access being never ending, it sometimes is extremely difficult to avoid measuring your success against friends, neighbors, fellow schoolmates and Yes, even in entrepreneurship. Social media, it’s a great addition to life, it portal access to bargain shopping, connects us with lost acquaintances, it allows us to experience sightseeing of distance countries through the eyes of others. It’s a game changer on steroids!

However, advantages and disadvantages exist with being connected to the World Wide Web. Do you find ourselves lacking the abilities to unplug until we fall asleep? Literally, how many times have you drifted off holding that digital device? Let the ayes have it! You just get caught up in all of the digital possibilities that are available these days. I personally have a fascination with filters via the many social media platforms. I’ve used the filters to transform me into the world of “The Black Panther”, “ The Little Mermaid”, even back to the ”80’s era” and I’m sure, more transformation are probably on the horizon. The world of filters is amazing through the gigantic social media platforms that is never ending. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms are accessible 24/7. These platforms are fun and yet, they can become addictive.

As a business owner, it is imperative in the world of Google search and countless other web search engine options to load frequent content. I know, I find myself publishing quite frequently. Social media presents is important for those “search engine optimization” A.K.A. SEO’s. No expert here! I shall not try to discuss this subject because I’m still in the infancy stage.

If I’m honest, I’ve discovered that sometimes I find myself comparing my success against fellow constituents. Let’s ponder here for a moment on how can we avoid the vicious spiraling cycle into a world of comparing success with others, while using social media, which has both benefits and drawbacks?

First embrace and focus on what sets you and your business apart by staying true to yourself. We all have unique strengths and attributes, find yours and let it shine bright as a diamond. Use creativity and your passion for your business to showcase your individuality. Speak your truth, I truly believe my fascination with balloons as a child ignited my passion and I later discovered this could bring forth a stable financial career leading to the birth of Dazzling Balloons and Beyond.

Secondly, establish both short and long term realistic goals and objectives for your business. These goals should be in alignment with your vision and moral boundaries. Each day write down small task to keep you on target to those short term goals and before you know it, your long term goals will have been achieved. I discovered when I made miniature daily tasks it helped me mentally stay on target to that one final goal. When you see the small tasks being checked off, it provides rejuvenation mentally, that your train is chugging right along just fine. So celebrate progress and milestones with a movie, perhaps with a special meal or why not that candle light bubble bath you have been meaning to take.

Next up, limit your time on social media, both leisure and for business by limiting your time mindlessly scrolling comparing your goals to others. Allocate designated day(s) for posting. Yes! You have the capability using social media scheduling tools to pre-schedule posts. I had the ability to load pictures along with post descriptions and hashtags to post at precise date and times reducing my already hectic schedule? It was a game-changer for me! Try the link, it has an instructional video on how to preschedule on a few social media platforms.

Another way is to network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs where you all can legitimately support each other and discussing and bouncing off ideas that you are considering to bring into a reality. These like minded entrepreneurs do exist because I have tapped into a world of balloon entrepreneurs that are willing to share, so you can also succeed. I believe, what is for you is truly for you and no one can take it away. If God is has ordained it for you, it is your destiny. I’m a faith believer and my most spoken phrase I recite is that my God is bigger than my problems and I shall walk by faith and not by sight. Let’s me be self revealing, it can be a challenge, but I remember past victories that happen during my weakest moments. My God never fails, even if sometimes it doesn’t workout in what I believe was in my favor. Afterwards, I learned this dilemma resulted in me becoming stronger. If trouble never came, I won’t know my God’s amazing ability to solve them.

Celebrate others! Drown the envious beast that surface from time to time, know that your turn is forthcoming with diligent work and following the pathway of those drafted short and long term goals. Always remember you never know what trials others endured to accomplish their success, that extinguished manicured lawn across the street that you admire daily, just might be artificial turf. Network with already successful genuine like-minded entrepreneurs that will provide guidance toward your success. Remain true to self and remember your moral boundaries, despite what others might venture off into. I once heard a reality chef contestant winner stated she was always told by her grandmother…”Dreams without work is just that, a visual picture experienced while sleeping.” Aim to make your dreams a reality with focus and hard work while avoiding comparing your success with others. We’ve got this!