Dazzling Balloons and Beyond birth…

Do you have something that you enjoy doing in your down time. Knitting, crocheting, painting, photography, baking, party planning or even balloons?

Mines was the love of balloons which started at age five, as a child. Okay, I am dating myself but those born during the Baby Boomer or early Generation X years might remember those gigantic balloons with the vibrant colorful stripes or polka dots that were sold throughout the city. My eyes lit up and that was my must have.

I married in 1988 and I loved to craft, and I made my wedding bouquets and provided my reception decorator with helium filled balloons. It turned out quite well and I started making bouquets for friends and decorated with balloons upon their request. A local Detroit Balloon Store called Zakoor’s Novelty in the early 1990’s which was located on Selden Street was my balloon haven and is where I came across this magazine called Images. My mind was blown away to the possiblities and the unlimited possiblities with a simple latex balloon.

From here my adventure began… I designed four (4) to five (5) feet cactuses, King Guards, Beer Mugs with suds, and Magic Carpet are only naming a few of my designs. I even provided the balloons for the reopening of the Davison Expressway in April 1997. Business was booming. However, the lack of business behind the scene caused a crashed that killed my dream for my love of spreading joy to others through the world of latex balloons.

However, I revamped in 2018, connecting the worlds of my hobby with business. Dazzling Balloons and Beyond is thriving, supplying balloons to local businesses and even for celebrities like Ronald Isley’s for the kick-off for his spirit line called Liquid Gold. Dazzling Balloons and Beyond will be traveling to London, England to provide larger than life balloon displays, and I am inviting you to return to follow our adventure in England.

“More than half our world-class balloon artists are traveling from ten different countries to help make a difference through the joy of balloons. It will be the biggest balloon installation to have even been done in the United Kingdom,” said Stuart Davies, Director of the Big Balloon Build. “This is the first time we will have worked to support multiple charities, which means a great deal to the Guildford community.”

The Big Balloon Build will take over the Charterhouse School’s Sports Centre and create the larger-than-life, holiday-themed exhibit out of 125,000 biodegradable balloons in just four days before opening it to the public to walk-thru and enjoy. All proceeds from the event will benefit charities in the Surrey/Guildford area that support local children.

Dreams do come true…. This little girl’s love for balloons turned into a vibrant business.. Never give up!